Why You Likely Need a Business Coach and Why It Likely Should be Me!

Let’s just start by acknowledging that not everyone needs or is ready for a business coach. And, to be really clear — I’m not for everyone. But, there are certain stages of developing a business where you would benefit from you having a coach. 

I know that as a business owner, you want to control your future doing meaningful work. It’s also important to you that you provide abundant income for your family and employees. 

This time around is personal. You’ve run the corporate rat race, and it’s finally time to do it your way. That’s why you started your business after all!

The problem is you moved from a corporate system where you were charged with being the expert at one piece of the business. Now you are expected to be a masterful CEO leading all of the moving parts.

Making this shift and navigating all of the things you don’t know can be intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming. You truly have to go back to problem-solving the basics everyday while keeping an eye on the big picture. Being this kind of master orchestrator of all the moving parts is in contrast to what you’ve gotten really good at. And, it’s about more than just you now. It’s about your employees and teams – you can’t stay in your specialist space. You have to be good at a lot of different things so that the whole ship doesn’t sink.

When you likely need a business coach:

  1. When you’re first starting out, you need a coach that can help you understand the blueprint of how a business works, what foundational pieces to focus on during your launch phase, and resources to help you take those initial steps. These key pieces of information and support can put you on a path to early success without having to figure it out yourself or piece together pieces of information from multiple sources.
  2. After you’ve been in business for a year or two, you’ve realized there are a lot of moving parts and you’re feeling overwhelmed. You have a good service to offer but there’s a lot of work involved and results can be inconsistent. This is a great time to work with a coach on processes and systems to make your business run more efficiently.
  3. When you’ve been in business for several years and your business is working, but only because you are working, it’s time to get a business coach. The problem is that if you stop running the hamster wheel, the business stops. This is a time to put you in the leadership position and let the right people, process, and tools lead the business to future growth and success.

As a Business Owner, You Need to Think and Lead Differently.

I worked in corporate America for 20+ years. The only way to the top was to keep climbing the ladder. I wanted more money so I chased the promotions. 

Like you, I got tired of chasing what other people said I needed to do to achieve their definition of success. I wanted to regain control over my life. But, when I dove head-first into my own business, I lost the guardrails of the other people and systems that supported my work in corporate. 

It was an uncomfortable shift and I had to retrain my mind on what it means to be a leader. I too had to learn to lead differently.

Now, as a coach and consultant, I walk with you to help you lead differently.  As a licensed Business Made Simple Coach, I use this framework to help you gain skills and confidence in the soft and hard skills of business ownership. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Lead with a clear vision. We start by upgrading your leadership operating system to ensure you’re equipped with updated skills and tools to lead the vision of your life and business to success.
  2. Know where to focus. We’ll conduct an in depth review of your business and formulate a comprehensive plan that focuses on the right next steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations.
  3. Execute the plan and win. Together we’ll upgrade your business systems, processes, and team members to increase performance and achieve a better bottom line.

Schedule a free consult call today so you can quit wasting time and money spinning your wheels. Let’s work together to get clear on your people, processes, and tools so that you can maximize impact and income.