When You are the Business Owner, How You Position Yourself Matters!

In a corporate career, you are taught to talk about the company’s solutions, how you are better than the competition, and your role in the mix. As a business owner, it’s all different.


How you position yourself and your company has the power to open conversations and start new business relationships. It’s important to get this right.


There are three big problems that business owners make when you are asked, “What do you do?”

  1.     You use geek speak – insider language only makes sense to insiders. 
  2.     You talk about what you do vs. the problem you solve. 
  3.     You don’t give them a picture of success.

 Consider how your corporate career taught you to be and how you have to do it differently now in order to get the outcomes you want.

Getting this right is so important that I want to invite you to a free workshop with me to get you on the right track.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

8:30-10:30 MT


During our two-hours together, we’ll 

  • connect with others in the group
  • participate in a session on “Revamping Your Elevator Pitch” with Business Made Simple creators Don Miller and J.J. Peterson
  • do small group work to craft new messages for you that are effective, clear and memorable!

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