Celebrating turning 50 with life lessons that matter most

Not every birthday is a huge milestone.

But this one is. Not just because of the age, but because it gave me a reason to look back and appreciate the journey to here and now.

I remember when I was turning 25 and I was shocked that I was still alive and hadn’t died, yet. I’ll just say the first 25 years of my life were filled with struggle, suffering, battles I didn’t cause, and events that most people don’t experience in a lifetime. But there I was. Still alive. At the time I figured I better start living with intention or life would keep handing me whatever anyone else wanted to dole out to me.

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Why You Likely Need a Business Coach and Why It Likely Should be Me!

Let’s just start by acknowledging that not everyone needs or is ready for a business coach. And, to be really clear — I’m not for everyone. But, there are certain stages of developing a business where you would benefit from you having a coach.  I know that as a business owner, you want to control…

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When You are the Business Owner, How You Position Yourself Matters!

In a corporate career, you are taught to talk about the company’s solutions, how you are better than the competition, and your role in the mix. As a business owner, it’s all different.   How you position yourself and your company has the power to open conversations and start new business relationships. It’s important to…

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