I worked in corporate for 20+ years. The only way to the top was to keep climbing the ladder. I wanted more money so I chased the promotions.


Like you, I got tired of chasing what other people said I needed to do to achieve their definition of success. I wanted to regain control over my life. But, when I dove head-first into my own business, I lost the guardrails of the other people and systems that supported my work in corporate.


I had to retrain my thoughts and actions on what it meant to be a business owner, I too had to learn to lead differently.


Now, as a coach and consultant, I walk with you to help you succeed. As a licensed Business Made Simple Coach, I use these frameworks to help you understand the strategies of leading a business. When we add in your specific genius, this is the combination you need to lead your business your way.



With over 20 years of corporate experience, Aundrea De Leon is a master at breaking down complex problems into simple solutions. Yet when she took the leap from corporate to entrepreneur, she learned it was frustrating and challenging to recreate the same level of success being a business owner.

After struggling to put all the different pieces together, she found a successful formula that changed her business. She finally understood how running a profitable business works, the phases of business you have to go through, and how to navigate the journey like a pro. Aundrea has become a guide for former corporate professionals to become confident service-based business
owners. She is on a mission to help results-driven professionals keep their confidence, cash, and sanity in tact while creating their
next chapter of success.


In addition to being a Business Made Simple Certified coach, Aundrea is also certified in Emotional Intelligence, Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming and is a Reiki Master. She sees people, business, and life as a series of systems that require tuning and upgrading to meet the changing phases of growth and development. Her clients not only see the plan of how to accomplish
their goals, but they also get to experience their breakthroughs in achieving those goals.

Aundrea speaks nationally to professional groups on simplifying business success by breaking it down into simple to manage steps. She’s known as the expert at making complex problems easy to solve. And she’s helping results-driven professionals break through their limitations to achieve their goals.




Pause. Let’s step back from the business for a minute and take a look at who you are as a leader now. What drives you and matters to you? We need to get clear about you so that we can align your leadership in business and life.



Once you are clear about yourself, we take a deep dive into your business. We understand existing strategies and tactics to know exactly where to focus next.



Finally, we’ll create and execute a plan that aligns your business systems, people, and processes to increase performance and achieve a better bottom line.

Aundrea helped me figure out how to communicate my unique value proposition more effectively. She helped me objectively evaluate my presentation style and message content, breaking down all of the details and quickly provided me some concrete concepts that I could build from.


She conducted two 1-hour working sessions to help me get unstuck. The feedback was quick and on point.


I found Aundrea to be very knowledgeable and eager to help while her communication style allowed me to take her feedback constructively. As a result of these two working sessions, I was able to modify my marketing message and am now testing it in my target market. Better yet, early results have been very favorable.


I would recommend working with Aundrea on any aspect of your business where you need professional advice and an objective outside view. She is very easy to work with, and I was astounded by how quickly she zeroed in on the issues and collaborated with me to help develop solutions.

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There are a core set of things that business owners need to do in order to get their business off the ground, keep it going, and keep it growing. For some, these things are intuitive. For most, there are so many moving pieces that it helps to check yourself and fill in the gaps!