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Aundrea De Leon

Transformational Hypnotherapist & Life Transformation Guide

Nothing changes until you do..

Transformational Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)  is a powerful modality that can assist you to change behaviors, overcome self- sabotaging patterns –  in as little as one session.

Transform Your Brain

BrainTap Technology, a safe, natural system for helping you relax, rejuvenate and overcome stress. All the benefits of meditation without all the work!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Embrace THE TRUE YOU

Are you fixing your flaws or expanding your potential?  In order to break free and unlock your full potential, you must eliminate the old programs and patterns that hold you back. Powerful cutting-edge techniques designed to find the root cause of your issue and install change at your core.

Is self sabotage limiting your success in your career or business?

Have you tried repeatedly to change only to fall back into old habits?

Do you believe that you're the person holding you back?

Are stress, anxiety, or depression robbing you of joy in life?

Are you tired of struggling and believe there has to be a better way?

Are you ready to make rapid and permanent changes?

What Is RTT and what makes it unique?

RTT is a self-contained therapy that has a framework of hypnosis but includes several powerful tools, including Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, that can result in breakthrough or transformation.

An award winning technique, RTT supports people in creating quick, simple, and lasting change.

How is RTT different from traditional Talk Therapy?

Unlike traditional talk therapy, we don’t need to spend a great deal of time talking about all of the negative and painful experiences in life. By tapping into your subconscious, we’ll find the right experiences and beliefs that are at the root of the issue you want to resolve.

What if I think I already know the reasons behind my issue?

What makes RTT amazing is that even if you think you know the reason, you see it in a COMPLETELY new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately, change your beliefs. And for many clients they go back to scenes that are totally different than what they expected. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is not magic – it’s science. It works by creating a burst of brain waves that are the same as when you’re in REM. That’s what allows you to access the subconscious mind. It’s very easy and anyone can do it, you’ll see for yourself when you do it too!

What does RTT feel like?

The experience feels different for different people. Some people feel a floating sensation, some do not. Others may feel sleepy, some do not. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. What’s most important is to know is that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like – it’s working.

When will I start to see changes?

There are 3 types of change from RTT and every person is different:

  1. Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – immediate changes inyour physiology, thoughts and behaviors right in the session.
  2. Incremental: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time.
  3. Retroactive: You don’t see the shifts right away and then one day you suddenly look back and see all of the things that are different in your life.

About Me

I’m a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Emotion Code Practitioner who sees clients internationally online via video conference, as well as in my office in Centennial, Colorado.

My passion is helping high performing professionals and parents who are seeking a better version of themselves. To the outside world, they’ve got it all and life looks like the perfect picture. However, they are often protecting everyone from their silent internal struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, or feelings of inadequacy that prevent them from feeling as successful as they appear to the outside world.


“I’ve worked with Aundrea and can attest to her amazing programs. She is simply incredible at what she does. I’m a calmer, more confident, more satisfied person because of the work she’s done with me. The transformation is indescribable….” ~Nicole P

“I have not had one hot flash since our session…I also feel much clearer about life in general and in control of my life. Thanks so very much.” ~Clancy B

“Working with Aundrea was not something I thought I would ever do…She made me feel at ease and comfortable…Now I feel invincible and like there’s no stopping me…I no longer feel stuck, frustrated, or afraid. I love the changes I’m seeing in myself and in my business…” ~Susan A

Break free from old patterns. Harness the power of your heart and your mind. Unlock your limitless potential.

Aundrea has a knack for helping people knock down fears, erase resistance, and embrace bold breakthrough actions. You’ll experience transformation  from the inside out putting you on the path to accomplishing exactly what you want quickly and easily. Through the power of reprogramming the subconscious, change becomes easy and what once felt hard, impossible, and heavy now becomes effortless and easy.

There’s something holding you back from living the life you want. Dealing with anxiety, stress, burnout, or depression is not how you are intended to live. Together we’ll understand the biggest obstacle to your next level of success in life and options to release what’s holding you back quickly and permanently.

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